Sorytime: scrapbooks

Storytime. Susie put four scrapbooks, a couple of glue sticks, some glitter and a couple of packs of colour markers in front of me at the counter saying “that will keep the terrors busy this weekend.” Susie was a young mum with 4 kids between 6 and 12 years old. She called the kids “the terrors” when she was shopping without them. “What’s the plan?”, I asked. “Iso scrapbooks.” Susie seemed pleased with her answer, but she could tell from the look on my face that I didn’t get it. “Twenty, thirty, forty years from now I want them to have a memory of what these few months this year have been like, so this weekend we’re making scrapbooks.” “What about you and Rob?”, I wondered, before grabbing two more scrapbooks and added them to the pile – “hey, these 2 are on me as long as you bring them all back and show me.”

Scrapbooks leave the shop blank and empty. Soon, they become keepsakes, treasure troves of memories.

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