Storytime: the 92 year old prankster

Storytime. We got a lesson in being a prankster a few months ago by Shirley, a 92-year-old who visited every Thursday before the lockdown, when the nursing home bus came into town. Shirley loved giving birthday cards. This day, she put a 18th birthday card at the counter. “I need your help with a prank,” Shirley smiled cheekily. “My great great grandson Tom is a prankster. He’s turning 18 and I always give $100 for their 18th.” I was intrigued. “Okay.” Shirley took out a pen and wrote on the card and put a $100 note carefully in the middle. “Now,” Shirley said, “I hope I can borrow some double-sided tape from you.”  I gave Shirley the tape and watched as she proceed to stick the card together, from the inside, carefully using the double-sided tape. Then, she stuck double sided tape on the border of the back of the card before carefully putting it in the envelope, ensuring it was well stuck. Shirley beamed at what she had done.

Who knew that sometimes a birthday card was a perfect prop for an awesome prank on a great great grandson! Customers teach us the most wonderful things.

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