Storytime: Mick

Storytime. “She’s so sad,” twenty-something Mick said, “I want to give her something, but I don’t know what.” Mick is a local tradie and regular in the shop. His mum’s mum had passed away a few weeks earlier. “I want to give her something, so she knows I care but not over the top like.” “How about a candle?,” I said. “A candle?” Mick seemed unsure. “Yeah. We have these Aussie made candles. They last for ages. The scent is fresh and calm, like the bush. Maybe your mum could light it each night in memory.”

Mick bought the candle. A couple of weeks later he told us how much it meant to his mum to light the candle each night. “Thanks,” he said with a smile.

Some days, it’s not what we sell but the stories we hear that bring us the most joy.

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