newsXpress meets with suppliers to share insights and opportunities

Members of the newsXpress management and merchandise teams met with newsXpress preferred suppliers in Sydney yesterday to explore opportunities. This was our second supplier forum in just over a month. Combined, we have now met with close to 100 suppliers, formally and informally to work on an exciting 2014.

The agenda for yesterday’s newsXpress newsagency marketing group suplier forum was:

  1. What and who we are
  2. What we stand for
  3. The 3 things that matter the most
  4. Success stories
  5. Contact point opportunities in 2014
  6. Open forum

newsXpress is thrilled with the support from suppliers, their engagement in these forums and the plans already committed for 2014.

Between exclusive deals, early to market opportunities, excellent rebates and other benefits, newsXpress members can be assured of excellent opportunities for 2014.

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