Free magazine training shows off the newsXpress difference

newsXpress has this week hosted two more in-store group magazine management and visual merchandising training sessions for people working in newsXpress businesses.

These free training sessions provided access to best-practice business-building training which will lead to sales increases in participating newsXpress stores.

With content built around exclusive to newsXpress principles and tactics, newsXpress is extending the reach of its proven approach to driving core parts of each newsXpress business.

As far as we know, we are the only newsagency marketing group in Australia providing this retail employee training … showing off not only a newsXpress difference but also building the knowledge assets within the group – all in pursuit of better business outcomes.

The commercial results of the magazine department are evidence that the newsXpress approach works.  We have found a way to nurture and leverage existing excellent magazine traffic into good business results for the rest of the business.

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