My Family stickers continue to drive traffic and incremental sales

newsXpress members are finding innovative ways of promoting the My Family sticker range in-store from the magnetic counter displays to small spinners with top selling stickers to the traditional pull up banner in high-profile areas.

Changing the merchandising approach and engagement points can drive a terrific sales kick even in newsXpress stores which have carried the My Family stickers for more than a year, in some cases generating hundreds of dollars of additional revenue in a month.

The photo shows the counter-based innovation from the team at newsXpress Bairnsdale.  They are pitching the relatively new magnet range along with a small spinner of popular car window stickers plus an order form and the My Family stickers promotional counter mat. All these items combine to provide an impactful promotion at the sales counter and thereby drive impulse purchases of the stickers.

Sometimes we lose focus on products which, with a little creative attention, can drive basket depth and through this deliver a more valuable return on investment. This is why smart newsXpress members are achieving with the wonderful My Family stickers range. It is also where newsXpress can help with insights and reminder like this blog post.

newsXpress is unique in the product insights, market intelligence and other help it provides to members with which they can drive sales and thereby achieve a more valuable financial result for the business. We have partners like our friends at The Sticker Family to work with us on pursuing these goals.

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