Helping those buying a newsagency find their feet and grow their businesses

newsXpress is successful attracting people new to the newsagency businesses.  Whether it is people buying a newsagency or those who have purchased a newsagency and already running it.

Our training, our networking sessions, our preferred suppliers, our in-store support and our personal assistance on a broad range of issues is proving to be a boon for new newsagents.  We help them fast-track to make decisions as if they had been in the business of many years.

newsXpress membership can substitute for experience.

Tapping into the deep well of newsXpress experience in our staff team as well as in our broader membership base, we leverage the group on behalf of these new newsagents and help them more effectively compete than if they were not in newsXpress.

The support for new newsagents has been evident during our recent round of newsXpress member meetings where new newsagents have been able to access a d leverage opportunities which one usually only sees far more experienced newsagents accessing.

This is the newsXpress difference in action, helping newsXpress members create more profitable and successful businesses.

This is another reason newsXpress locations are much sought after by other newsagency marketing groups.

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