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hot_ink_brochure.JPGnewsXpress members are enjong excellent results from the latest HOT ink! promotion.  From brochures delivered to homes and offices around newsXpress locations to brochures displayed in-store (as in the photo), ink is selling well.  The key to success with ink is to engage with all aspects of the category.  newsXpress supports this with in-store marketing collateral, brochures, shelf talkers, exclusive product deals, VM strategies, product management advice and other help.

Small things matter, like having the HOT ink! brochure on display in the ink department.  This shows browsers the professionalism backing the product, products you may not have on the shelves and provides another pitch that you are competitive on price.

Ink (the newsXpress way) is proving to be an excellent trojan horse category.  One which, if executed well and consistently, attracts new customers who come back again and again.

HOT ink! is exclusive to newsXpress.

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