Great Christmas gifts

nx_gifts.JPGnewsXpress members are reporting good sales from offers the group has sourced.  The Hannah Montana, Star Wars, High School Musical, Dora The Explorer and Disney puzzles are one of the early successes.  Members tell us these are popular as stocking fillers.  In most cases they appear to be purchased in addition to a newspaper, magazine or some other traditional newsagency sale.  This is exactly what we hoped it offering this range to members – it is easily located in a space which will attract impulse purchase.

Building margin in a newsagency involves many small steps.  This way, you are able to build something which is harder to break down.  The more reliant a business is on single stream revenue the easier it is to break down.  hence the newsXpress approach of sourcing many offers across a range of key categories from whcih our members can choose what is right for their circumstances.

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