Not all newsagents are the same

2008 has seen the difference between newsagencies grow considerably.  From traditional departments such as magazines and greeting cards to new departments such as gifts and art, newsagents are breaking with the past in pursuit of new opportunities.

newsXpress is leading treasure hunt for proactive entrepreneurial newsagents.  We are able to do this thanks to a community of energetic and future focused newsagents, a back office team of experts who relentlessly search for new opportunities, landlords who like what we do and su0ppliers keen to be part of our growing group.

While we have support the broader newsagency channel in a variety of ways this year including national and state conference sponsorships, we reserve our prime focus for the growing newsXpress community.  These are the newsagents who pay us to serve them.  These are the newsagents actively investing in the growth of their businesses.

We expect to see considerable change in the newsagency channel in 2009.  The gap between growing newsagents and others will widen.  Here at newsXpress,new members are always welcome.  It uis the individuals behind a business we treasure the most for we have seen the smallest of newsagencies grow dramatically outside their four walls once newsXpress opportunities are fully leveraged.

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