newsXpress instore Branding – Doormats

A valuable resource for members in the newsXpress network is the brand itself. While individual stores conduct their own local marketing initiatives, they join the group for the benefits associated with belonging to the name.

A number of stores have purchased newsXpress branded door mats, these are not only an exceptional way to advertise their business but actually practical for use in the business.

These mats are available to all members by completing an order form available through newsXpress and returning directly to Identity Matters. As you can see in the attached photos, they can be used in many applications and adapted to suit whatever needs you have.


newsXpress Mooloolaba vertical design, 900mm W x 1800mm H


newsXpress Gympie horizontal design, 1800mm W x 900mm H

Driving Magazine Growth

newsXpress continues to have the largest growth in the magazine category in the Newsagency channel. With its unique magazine strategy of beacon branding, header cards, the magazine club card and just in book marks, newsXpress leads the channel in growth by combining its great relationships with ACP, Network, Pacific and Gordon & Gotch.

To have the highest growth in the country exceeding all others by a long way is no mean feat. Its testament to the hard work by newsXpressers in driving the category and the unique IP of the newsXpress support team.

newsXpress has a no fuss attitude with magazines. We believe in working with suppliers and distributors to drive the category,  and getting on with business and not being stuck in the past.


Changing the way they do business for the better!

Since joining newsXpress, Jim Manifis and his team from Whitfords City have seen a new level of service, marketing and business support they have not experienced before. The team is going through a rebranding strategy ay the moment. Working in with the Lottery West livery, newsXpress is working with the team to bring a whole new look and feel to the shop. With temporary signage up and the team in uniform the brand transition is well under way to taking this great Newsagency to the next level.  We can’t wait till the shop is finished the plans look fabulous.


Quality product drives new Business

Since installing the new Canson range, The team at newsXpress Cleveland don’t sell cheap cardboard any more. They used to sell the cheap stuff for 90c now they sell it for $1.80 and have not lost a sale. Shows that quality cardboard sells and not one customer has complained. It has actually driven more sales with artists now coming into the shop to buy this fabulous range.


newsXpress Eastland create a display fit for ‘the King’

What do you do with half a pallet of Partworks? And such a compelling title as Elvis?

Well at newsXpress Eastland, you put them all out on the dance floor.

With the TV advertising yet to start, five copies were sold whilst the display was being put up!

This space has been very effective as a promotional area with Valentine’s Day generating double the previous years card sales. It is also adjacent to the wall of HOT OUT NOW magazines.


Valentine’s Day – Victoria

Again the creative benefit of the newsXpress structure comes through in these photos. Firstly you can see newsXpress Melton have placed their Hallmark/Alliance Forever Friends Bear on a swing as the centrepiece in the store. The effectiveness of this classic less is more is clear to see with over 150 entries in the Valentine’s day competition.


newsXpress Reservoir are soon to undertake a refit but have done a magnificent job to transform their front window using both the newsXpress and Hallmark marketing materials.


Business is booming with the HALLMARK/newsXpress Strategic Partnership

newsXpress Ocean keys which is located in a dynamic and growing northern Perth suburb, joined newsXpress last year and swapped greeting card companies. The result is a massive 41% increase in  greeting card sales since they joined and they are absolutely thrilled with the result. This store is one of many who are enjoying excellent growth with the newsXpress-Hallmark strategic partnership and there are many other stories within the group of stores who have swapped to Hallmark and have struck a rich vein of gold.


All seasons great and small – Valentine’s Day across newsXpress

One of the greatest strengths of the newsXpress network is our diversity. Size, background, opinion and style are a few of many attributes which contribute to make newsXpress the progressive group that is challenging deep seated ideas and guiding small business into the 21st century and beyond.

Below is a visual example of how the differences at each store become strengths across the group. Each store have access to the newsXpress Marketing, the Hallmark Alliance material’s, and various supplier deals.  How they interpret that for their market and how they present their unique stores each contribute to building the group.

nxp-garden-city-3.JPG  valentinesgardencity08-3.jpg

valentinesgardencity08-8.jpg  valentinesgardencity08-20.jpg

newsXpress Garden City – outpost extra-ordinnaire

nxp-harbour-town-1.JPG nxp-harbour-town-7.JPG

newsXpress Harbour Town – destination shopping



newsXpress Upper Coomera – Bold, in your face merchandising




newsXpress Eumundi – Gift store style suiting the locality

newsXpress Kin Kora – outposting Valentine’s Day

newsXpress Kin Kora have reported what most stores are experiencing – a very busy Valentine’s Day promotion!

They have sold a $500 Forever Friends Hallmark Bear in their first ever attempt at outposting – a great result!

Sarah also would like to espouse the benefits of going that one little extra step. In this case cello-ing plush gifts. Cello attracts a great margin, along with the ribbon and staff hours you can make a stunning profit.

These have been selling well along with small gift boxes packed with 4 or 5 chocolates and gift wrapped. A little effort goes a long way – 20 sales in one morning at $4.95 a piece.

valentines-outpost-001.jpg valentines-outpost-003.jpg

valentines-outpost-007.jpg valentines-outpost-008.jpg

Valentine’s Day is all in the marketing

Check out newsXpress Gateway in Perth. This is a new shop to the network which has been built to ensure flexibility which we believe will future proof the business. The layout has been created to accept new money ranges which are constantly being developed by newsXpress. Have a look how the newsXpress Valentines Day marketing works in with the latest in shop fit designs by Interfit Retail. A rolling stone gathers no moss!


Valentines Day Display at newsXpress Albany Creek

Four Display areas are used for Valentines Day, the window, 2 power ends, plus the very front display area next to the greeting cards, where the Forever Friends Bear give away sits with the large poster behind him.
Chocolate Gems are a big hit, as are the giftware and plush offering.
The Displays are fresh and colour co-ordinated.

valentinesnewsxpressalbanycreek2008-005-1.jpg valentinesnewsxpressalbanycreek2008-005-3.jpg

valentinesnewsxpressalbanycreek2008-005-6.jpg valentinesnewsxpressalbanycreek2008-005-8.jpg

The Model of Flexibility

When you stroll into newsXpress Spencer St, the first thing you’ll notice is how long the store is. Having been built across Coles largest store in Melbourne’s CBD as part of the Spencer St  redevelopment it’s a credit to the design and owners Tony, Veronica and Kitch who have re-entered the industry after a short absence with newsXpress. Flexibility is key in a modern retail newsagency and newsXpress Spencer St is just that. Wait till you see the front windows especially at night time, you’ll be in for a real treat.