Eight more newsagents join newsXpress

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the newsXpress team with another eight newsagents signing to join the group – five in Victoria.

We do not accept all who wish to join the group and have a well developed set of criteria – to ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial. In addition to the eight who have just signed we have more we are working with to establish whether a relationship with newsXpress is right for their business.

Continuous training

Every two months newsXpress hosts member meetings in each capital city. These are supplemented by regional meetings – ensuring we get to all members regularly. These are not your traditional newsagent or small business meeting. No, the newsXpress member meetings are packed with business building training and advice – delivering our members action strategies which they can implement in their businesses without further financial cost.

We believe in continuous training as we have found this to be more beneficial to a newsagency than one long training session before taking over a business as suppliers currently require of newsagents.

Our approach to continuous training is another reason newsXpress businesses are sought after by people entering the newsagency space – no matter where you are in your newsagency lifecycle, you can rely on newsXpress to challenge you to build a stringer and more enjoyable newsagency – for you and your customers.

Supporting newsagents

newsXpress is proud to have been a Gold Sponsor of the 2007 Australian Newsagents Federation conference on the Gold Coast last week. We welcomed the opportunity to put our money into an event focused on guiding and motivating newsagents to be better business operators.

The Board of newsXpress felt that it was important to lead on this issue and encourages other marketing groups to put similar funding on the table to develop better newsagents.

newsXpress has also financially supported the Queensland Newsagents federation State Conference this and previous years for the same reasons – to foster better newsagents.

We feel that there is no better proof of our commitment to the newsagency channel than to support the institutions to which newsagents turn for business support.

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Hot ink deals make for hot business


newsXpress stores across Australia are winning new customers with our Hot Ink promotional campaign. Based around smart brochures (pictured) newsXpress newsagencies are luring new customers to their stores in search great prices and exceptional service in the ink and toner space.

Some newsXpress newsagencies are supporting the brochure campaign with radio and newspaper advertising. They see this as a good opportunity to separate their newsXpress business from other newsagencies.

While other newsagent groups are offering flyers to drive ink and toner sales, the newsXpress offering goes beyond marketing and encompasses ranging, pricing, employee training and supplier arrangements. The group’s holistic approach is aimed at winning stationery business back for its members.

So, for the best deals backed by fantastic customer service in ink and toner for your printer, contact your local newsXpress newsagency today. Experience the difference.

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