Storytime: bridal charm keepsake

Storytime. “I need to buy a bridal charm for my daughter.” The fifty-something chap at the counter was clear about what he needed. “She’s getting married in a month and I need to find a perfect bridal charm.” “Okay,” I said, thinking for a moment. The request was challenging because the customer was blind. Sensing my hesitation, he offered, “Don’t worry, I’ll know it when I feel it, if you’ll let me feel the charms you have that is.” “Give me a couple of minutes,“ I said.

I had a table at the back of the shop where I was pricing new stock. I moved that aside laid out all the bridal charms we had and sat Terry down to do through them. We had introduced ourselves by then.

As he was gently feeling each charm, Terry explained. “My wife died unexpectedly a few months ago and she had her heart set on finding a perfect bridal charm.” After maybe half an hour at the table, Terry had made a decision. He held up a beautifully decorated heart shaped charm. “Perfect,” I said.

A product to us is heartfelt memory to others.

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