Storytime: the financial year diary

Storytime. “Have you got a large financial year diary left by any chance?” The question itself would be unsurprising except that it was already late April and we were two months from the start of the new financial year. He saw the consternation in my face. “It doesn’t have to be large, but I’d prefer it if possible.”

After looking in the bottom shelves that we keep meaning to tidy up I found a large financial year diary and handed it to the sixty-something customer. He flicked through it, drew it to his chest and smiled in relief.

After he paid and started to leave, he came back to the counter, holding up the diary. “It’s going to be the guest book for my dad’s memorial.” “I’m so sorry,” I said. “It’s okay. He was 91 and ready. He was an accountant, a good accountant, and we, the family, wanted to acknowledge that at the memorial, so I figured this diary would be a nice touch, and a keepsake for us.”

As he left, I stood there once again surprised at how little we know about how people use what we sell.

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