Helping you thank those helping you and all of us.

Many local newsXpress stores are making it easier for you to say thank you to nurses, doctors, teachers, first responder, cleaners, farmers, local council workers, retail staff and others keeping people and communities safe and running.

When you buy a Mother’s Day card or 2 or more or any other cards from a local newsXpress store, you can choose a free Thank You card from a selection we will have for you to choose from.

A thank you card left at a school, hospital, doctor’s surgery, police station, nursing home or even on top of your garbage bin could offer the appreciation and encouragement to make the day of those spending their days helping you every day.

newsXpress and its community of local family retailers is grateful to be able to help you say thank you.

The free Thank You cards will be at the counter, for selection when making your purchase.

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