Newsagency marketing group helps grow jigsaw sales

JanJigsawmonth15Newsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members to grow jigsaw sales with its january is Jigsaw Month promotion.

Supported with excellent deals and terrific in-store collateral, this special promotion is already tracking excellent results for newsXpress members with some already ordering additional jigsaw stock to service shopper demand.

This excellent promotion is the first of many unique and exclusive promotions planned by newsXpress for 2015 – to drive store traffic and basket depth.

This is the newsXpress difference in action.

Newsagency marketing group encourages shop local

fudgelocalNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members to promote BUY LOCAL with the latest collateral supporting another EXCLUSIVE newsXpress supplier, a manufacturer of delicious treats made with ethically sourced products here in Australia.

Developed by our own marketing team working closely with the local Aussie supplier, we have provided newsXpress members with this poster and other forms of the material so they can pitch BUY LOCAL to their customers.

This is another newsXpress difference.

Newsagency marketing group negotiates 25% off special offer

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has delivered an excellent start to 2015 for its members with a very special 25% off a popular line of products from one of our EXCLUSIVE suppliers.

This deal delivers to newsXpress members trading terms through which members will be able to leverage greater gross profit from the highly sought after rapidly-turning items.

This deal will make newsXpress businesses more valuable in 2015.

Newsagency marketing group helps newsagents drive impulse purchases

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.17.08 pmNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members to encourage impulse purchases with over the counter dated discount coupons. Used infrequently, these coupons have a track record of driving impulse purchases. newsXpress first launched these coupons eight years ago.

Driving ink sales in newsXpress businesses

inksalenewsXpress helps members strive ink sales through catalogues, inshore promotions, product knowledge and with customer display collateral as you can see in this photo.

This is a shot from in a newsXpress business from the customer side of the counter – see how ink is promoted to shoppers, encouraging them to consider the purchase from the business on impulse.

Star Wars Itty Bittys selling out for newsXpress

swnewsXpress members are loving the traffic generated by the Star Wars Itty Bittys from Hallmark. Licenced lines like these are tremendously valuable in driving traffic and sales for newsXpress members, their enforce the excellent value of the Hallmark relationship.

The exclusive insights newsXpress gained from a US study tour earlier this year have helped us navigate the opportunities for members and for our partner Hallmark as we have set ourselves up for stronger Itty Bitty business in 2015.

If 2014 is anything to go by the sales in 2015 will be terrific and beneficial to the group and its members.