newsXpress Wetherill Park taps into Giggle & Hoot success

Giggle & Hoot is a hit TV series shown in Australia in the ABC. Our friends at Jasnor have a wonderful line of Giggle & Hoot merchandise and newsXpress Wetherill Park has this on display, facing shoppers as they walk into the business.

Connecting with loved brands is a core message newsXpress has promoted for years. It is easier to sell a product connected with a well known brand than a no name brand product in the same category. In the kids space this is especially true as parents, grandparents and friends like to make kids happy.

Merchandising the Giggle & Hoot range as has been done at Wetherill Park is key to making the most of the opportunity. Shoppers will notice the brand if presented in this way … more than if the products were part of a larger display.

newsXpress can help members get into this and other branded ranges. We can do this through our preferred suppliers and with access to newsXpress pricing and other benefits which can help drive sales.

Well done newsXpress Wetherill Park.

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