The Blob coming soon to newsXpress

The newsXpress is gearing up to exclusively launch The Blob here in Australia. A terrific phone stand and screen cleaner, The Blob is a product for everyone with a mobile phone.

For use at home, at work, in the car … jus about anywhere, The Blob is a great gift for dad for Father’s Day or for anyone.

newsXpress has gone out and sourced The Blob as part of a strategy to provide our retail network with a point of difference, a profitable and valued point of difference.

We are delivering a product with good margin and backing it with excellent marketing collateral, a social media campaign and an advertising campaign.  This is what newsagents tell us they are looking for in a marketing group, a point of difference.

The Blob is about much more than just this product, it is about strategy and unity for businesses trading under a common shingle.

It is hard work finding products that can work in 170 different businesses and to provide collateral that works in a broad variety of retail situations. Undaunted by the challenge, newsXpress invests in its network, to help its members achieve beyond their local store view and to trade by working together with a common goal.

The Blob is here to take over the world … well, Australia at least. It is a product customers will love when they are shown how it works. It’s a perfect product with which to engage in retail theatre and to have fun. It’s a product all team members can play with. And they will.

newsXpress business owners will engage with the product and use it to drive mobile phone recharge business and mobile phone handset sales.  The Blob presents newsXpress members with a win win win opportunity!

Look out for The Blob soon in your local newsXpress store. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Note to newsXpress members: watch out for those who will criticise for they have started already. Too often those who cannot or will not innovate prefer to criticise those who do. Success is earned by hard work and not criticising a competitor.

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