Promoting Men’s Health magazine

newsXpress Knox City in Victoria is promoting the latest issue of Men’s Health magazine from our friends at Pacific magazines with this column- based display facing shoppers as they enter the business. The free Azor razor that comes with the magazine is a wonderful gift and presents an excellent reason to newsXpress members to promote the title in such a high-traffic location.

Men’s Health is the premier title in the men’s health, sports and fitness magazine segment. It is the title which should always be in the best location in this section. It is a terrific title to act as a beacon – showing off where the section is in-store.

newsXpress urges newsXpress members, and others reading this blog, to promote Men’s Health in the usual location as well as a high traffic location – with newspapers, at the counter or in a feature display at the front of the shop – like at newsXpress Knox City. Men’s Health always responds with excellent sales.

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