Advice on buying a newsagency in Queensland

Buying a newsagency can be a challenge, especially for those who have not owned a newsagency before.  newsXpress has a track record of helping people in their first newsagency businesses.  We support the work of the Queensland Newsagents Federation and their workshop for those interested in buying a newsagency.

Here are some details of the QNF seminar.  The next of these is on February 2, 2011.

QNF Sales hold regular evening seminars to provide prospective buyers with an overview of the newsagency industry. These seminars are free of charge and provide essential information to prospective newsagents. We would strongly urge anyone considering entering the industry to attend one of these seminars. Information covered includes:

  • Industry Overview & Sales Margins
  • Industry Contracts Buyer considerations
  • Financing your purchase
  • Purchase due diligence
  • Training/Takeover process

To secure your booking, email the QNF at

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