Elvis sighting at newsXpress Sarina

41270_1495626142985_1004038331_1438855_2394021_n.jpgThe team at newsXpress Sarina started an ‘ELVIS DAY’ tradition a few years ago by creating an in-store celebration on the 16th of August – the date of Elvis’ “disappearance” in 1977. They have a variety of Elvis related products on sale and went to the next big step this year by actually having the King in-store on the day.

They have promoted this event almost exclusively through their Facebook page which now has over 800 friends, and passing on hints to customers in store.  The local paper, the Daily Mercury, will also be running a story about this fun event in their social pages, along with newsXpress preferred supplier, Gibson Unity featuring the event and products for sale in their upcoming newsletter.

Without doubt the highlight was owner, Mark Petersen in full Elvis garb and performing along to the ‘Around the clock’ Elvis hits through the store’s sound system all day. The response from customers has been outstanding and many were spied tapping their feet or singing along to the classics such as ‘Jailhouse Rock’, or ‘A little less conversation’. The team enthused by this outcome plan to make an even bigger event of the day next year, inviting particiaption from other lcoal businesses.

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