newsXpress gives away a Toyota Yaris!

silver-sands-1.JPGThe culmination of the great newsXpress ‘Back to Work promotion occurred over the past few days in Mandurah, about an hour south of Perth, WA, when Chris Smith (also of Mandurah) was handed the keys to his brand new red Toyota Yaris 3 door hatchback by newsXpress Silver Sands owner, Philip Foo.

With 8 fantastic Southern Cross Bicycles and 5 Apple iPhones already presented to other big newsXpress winners, the shiny red Toyota stood out like a beacon in the morning sunshine as Phil excitedly greeted Chris with the keys like a long lost friend. (Pictured left)

Chris himself was absolutely rapt and his excitement was palpable as he recalled this was his only entry into the nationwide competition for the newsagency channels biggest ever prize, “I only entered the competition out of chance after seeing the entry form in-store and being prompted to enter by a staff member“.

Chris and his wife Helen are forever indebted to newsXpress Silver Sands, Phil and his team of customer service experts for his huge windfall, and he also made a point to pass on his sincere thanks to Graham at Big Rock Toyota, as well as newsXpress General Manager and National Marketing Manager, Ben Kay & Trent Shields.

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