Amazing Stationery Transformation at newsXpress Riverlink

newsXpress Riverlink recently undertook the massive job of relaying their stationery department to present a more cohesive and professional retail offer. Through consultation with newsXpress National Merchandise Manager, Rob Henderson, the purchase and installation of new multi-purpose fixturing and the implementation of several preferred supplier plannograms, the results are stunning.





The clean lines of the slatwall, branding on the red bulkhead, newsXpress POS and generally well ordered line up of (from left to right): HOT ink!, Pens, UHU, Crayola, Canson, and associated product is a credit ot Belinda and her team. It requires time and effort to produce these type of results, but the outcome surely proves the great worth of undertaking relays in your store. Contact the newsXpress Support Team or your BDM if you would like to make a change in your business today.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing Stationery Transformation at newsXpress Riverlink”

  1. A big thank you to Rob & Belinda Adshead for doing an amazing job. We have had so many positive comments from our customers, how it has ‘opened’ up the store and it much easier to find what they are looking for. Our staff love
    the new layout – easier to order and visually looks great. Sales for both Stationery and Ink have increased since the relay.
    Once again, thanks.

  2. Congratulations Belinda, that looks fantastic.
    I’m amazed at the results we are continually receiving with our new Flexi-Shelf conversions like yours. Please keep me posted with your feedback and sales growth for future references etc. Once again thankyou for allowing us to work with you on this project.
    Tony Merchant
    Interfit Retail

  3. Tony and the Interfit team always does stellar work, the work he has done on my shop is exceptional. He is light years ahead of any other shop fitter

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