Back to Work at newsXpress Yarram

yarram_btw.JPGThe team at newsXpress Yarram (VIC) has created a bold display promoting the Back to Work offer in the window.  Featuring a range of Back to Work products as well as promtional material for the competition, this window display is sure to draw good attention (and sales) from passers-by.

Using a desk as the centrepiece, the display features traditional stationery lines as well as some new lines brought in for Back to Work.

In addition to A1 posters, newsXpress provided A4 flyers for each item in the catalogue – easily enabling product-specific feature displays.

Back to Work at newsXpress Riverlink

riverlink_btw.JPGnewsXpress Riverlink (QLD) has created a striking display promoting our Back to Work offers in their front window at the entrance to the shopping centre.  Showing off a colourful range of products and the Back to Work campaign collateral, the display attracts shoppers – as good display should.  This is a window display unlike what you would see in a regular newsagency and that is what newsXpress encourages.

Back to Work is a newsXpress exclusive campaign supported by many suppliers.  In addition to the free in-store marketing collateral (A1 posters, A4 posters, shelf talkers) we have also distributed close to 1 million six-page catalogues to homes around participating newsXpress locations.

Once lucky newsXpress shopper will win a Toyota Yaris and eight runners-up will each win a premium bike.

Back to Work is the newsXpress difference in full view.  We are driving new traffic, helping customers spend more and broadening the range of products purchased – beyond the traditional for a newsagency.

Back to Work at newsXpress Margaret River

margaret_river_btrw.jpgThe team at newsXpress Markaret River (WA) has put together an excellent Back to Work promotion on their dance floor, showing off the excellent range of brand-name stationery and office supplies in this promotion.  Using newsXpress collateral, they are also promoting the Toyota Yaris and the eight bikes on offer as prizes to one lucky newsXpress shopper.

Bask to Work is working in all sorts of newsXpress locations from major shopping centre to regional.  The success is in part due to newsXpress running a stationery-based promotion when most competitors are not having brought Back to School to a close.

Valentine’s Day outpost at newsXpress Riverlink

riverlink_valentines.JPGnewsXpress Riverlink (QLD) ran a successful outpost for Valentine’s Day offering an excellent range of gifts, chocolates and cards from newsXpress suppliers. Jaclyn Potts is the newsXpress Riverlink team member in the photo running the outpost. As the photo shows, this was a warm and professional outpost – easy to shop.

newsXpress has a long tradition of success with outposts for Valentine’s Day.

Back to Work at newsXpress Beechworth

beechworth_btw.JPGThe team at newsXpress Beechworth (VIC) is promoting the newsXpress Back to Work promotion in their window.  They have papered the walls of the window with A4 flyers promoting each of the products in the newsXpress Back to Work catalogue.  This is a great idea where security might preclude including products in the window.

It is terrific to see the Back to Work A1 poster as well as the Toyota Yaris A1 poster being used in the window.  These are the drawcards to attract people to the store to find our more about the deals and the competition.

Back to Work at newsXpress Ocean Keys

oceankeys_btw.JPGnewsXpress Ocean Keys (WA) is promoting the newsXpress Back to Work offer in one of their mall windows.  the window display promotes the brand name products on offer as well as the opportunity to win a Toyota Yaris or one of eight bikes.

What is great about Back to Work is that it works on various levels.  It could be back to work at home, back to uni, back to school or back to work in the more traditional sense.  The products on offer at newsXpress Ocean Keys and elsewhere in the newsXpress network satisfy a broad range of back to ‘work’ opportunities.

Window displays like this are crucial to showing that something special is going on inside the business.

Back to Work at newsXpress Sun Valley

sunvalley_btw.jpgnewsXpress Sun Valley (QLD) is promoting the newsXpress exclusive Back to Work promotion with this excellent display in-store.  Lara is holding a display box they have made promoting the Toyota Yaris which one lucky newsXpress shopper will win.  The power end display in front of their stationery department draws attention to the terrific brand-name hot deals and the excellent prizes on offer with this promotion.

newsXpress members acorss Australia are embracing Back to Work and, winning new customers and selling mroe to existing customers.

Valentine’s Day at newsXpress Ocean Keys

oceaskeys_valentines.JPGnewsXpress Ocean Keys (WA) is promoting their Valentine’s Day offer into the mall with this terrific window display using collateral from Hallmark and newsXpress.

Drawing plenty of attention, the window shows off a selection of the Valentine’s Day product available in store.

The window also promotes the hamper which one lucky newsXpress Ocean Keys Valentine’s Day customer will win – this prize was arranged free through newsXpress.

Back to Work at newsXpress Ascot Vale

ascotvale_btw.jpgThe team at newsXpress Ascot Vale really embraced the Back to Work In Style theme as the display shows.  The mannequin, as yet unnamed, looks stylish and draws attention to the Back to Work offer. This is a brilliant display!

It is creative displays like this which draw attention of shoppers to special offers and provide good retail theatre.

The team at Ascot Vale have embraced the Back to Work campaign to drive sales and draw entries in the opportunity for one lucky newsXpress customer to win a Toyota Yaris or one of eight premium bikes on offer.

Valentine’s Day at newsXpress Singleton

singleton_valentines.jpgThe team at newsXpress Singleton has put together a wonderful range of gifts and delights for celebrating Valentine’s Day.  The display in the photo is just one of several in the store promoting Valentine’s Day products.  They are making excellent use of their dance floor with a large display as you enter the shop.  Their product range is excellent, catering to all age groups and offering gifts from cards, traditional plush to naughty chocolates and cute key rings.

newsXpress Singleton has the Singleton area covered when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Back to Work at newsXpress Deception Bay

deception_bay_btw.JPGThe team at newsXpress Deception Bay setup a desk as the centrepiece of their Back to Work display.  This looks terrific in the display located in a premium location in-store.

The newsXpress marketing and merchandise teams are excited by the different ways the Back to Work collateral and products are being used by members.  The display at Deception Bay is a good example of great local creativity.  It also demonstrates the team enjoying retailing.

Back to Work is proving to be a great campaign for newsXpress and its members.  The entries for the Toyota Yaris and the eight bikes are rolling in.  Each entry is another sale made!

Back to Work at newsXpress Seymour

seymour_btw.JPGThe team at newsXpress Seymour is actively promoting our Back to Work campaign in-store as well as in catalogues to homes around the business.  They are also promoting the opportunity for one lucky newsXpress shopper to win a Toyota Yaris.

The Back to Work posters hanging from the ceiling bring excitement not only to Back to Work products but to the stationery department more generally.  It is this theatre we want to help newsXpress stores bring more to their businesses.

Valentine’s Day love at newsXpress Bairnsdale

bairnsdale_valentines.jpgFrom the front window, newsXpress Bairnsdale is spreading LOVE for valentine’s Day this Sunday.  They are using the newsXpress supplied collateral to show that they are the go to place for all things Valentine’s Day.  Along with the newsXpress Valentine’s Day collateral, the window promotes their range of gifts, packaging and cards available at newsXpress Bairnsdale.

Using the window to promote Valentine’s Day is smart since we know that for many a reminded is needed to get a card and gift.  The Bairnsdale window looks terrific.

newsXpress Seymour celebrates Valentine’s Day

seymour_valentines.JPGThe team at newsXpress Seymour (VIC) has created a great display of gifts and cards for Valentine’s Day.  This features  marketing collateral from Hallmark as well as that supplied by newsXpress – all around the Valentine’s Day theme of LOVE.  In among the gifts are products sourced by our newsXpress merchandise team.

newsXpress Seymour has undergone considerable change over the last year and a half, bringing a whole new shopping experience to Seymour.  It is great to see the business refreshed and embracing for a terrific 2010.

newsXpress drives traffic with new HOT Ink! promotion

hotink_feb10.jpgThe latest newsXpress exclusive HOT Ink! promotion is driving excellent traffic to participating stores.  Based around brand name ink and toner, we are promoting our HOT Ink! offer through catalogues delivered to close to one million homes around Australia.  This marketing drives new traffic as well as more business from existing customers.

HOT Ink! is a perfect example of the newsXpress difference at work.  Our merchandise team works with key brands such as Epson and HP and our wholesaler to create a campaign with in-store and external elements.  The overall HOT Ink! package helps newsXpress compete effectively with major retailers and win new customers.

Back to Work at newsXpress Eli Waters

eliwaters_backtowork.JPGThe Back to Work promotion at newsXpress Eli Waters is driving good business and plenty of entries in the competition to win a Toyota Yaris.  Built around a good in-store display on the dance floor, the Eli Waters team is taking the opportunity to present new product to their customers and through this expand the appeal of their stationery offer.

Back to Work is proving to be an excellent opportunity for newsXpress locations to reconnect with office supplies customers following the summer break.  Doing this around an opportunity to win a car really shows off the newsXpress difference.

Using marketing materials to maximise results in Newsagents

18122009467.jpgCreating an impression in-store with posters requires some consideration of marketing principles and more specifically understanding of your store layout.

newsXpress Castle Towers has the benefit of a wide entrance to their shopping centre store wiht great visibility through to the back of their store. To maximise the potential of customers coming into the store they installed poster hangers across the ceiling in three rows directly down the length of the store.

This configuration allows the team to feature nine (9) A1 posters at any given time, presenting a strong message in space normally wasted in the retail environment. In the example displayed to the left they have the newsXpress 2010 Diaries, 2010 Calendars, and Merry Giftmas posters strategically positioned so that each are visible for any vantage point in or outside of the store.

While most other stores do not enjoy the same advantages of the Castle Towers shopfit they can certainly adapt the same principles in their individual situations. Another simple example is rather than spread the posters far and wide around your store, congreagate them in the department where the product is being displayed, this indicates to the customer some truly interesting is taking place.

Entries rolling in for Back to Work promotion

dsc01044.JPGnewsXpress stores are reporting an excellent response to our exclusive Back to Work promotion.  It seems everyone wants to win a car or one of the bikes on offer.  Driven by brilliant in-store merchandising displays, the promotion makes customers happy.  It also makes newsXpress members happy with the new traffic the flyers are generating.  In-store theatre is helped by the broad range of collateral provided by newsXpress from the A1 double-sided posters to the A4 “air” signs as shown in the photo from our new corporate store at Knox City in Victoria.  These signs promote brand and price – key factors in attracting people to the display.

Strong BTW promotion at newsXpress Toronto

03022010551.jpgnewsXpress Toronto have embraced the industry first newsXpress promotion which will give one lucky customer a brand new Toyotoa Yaris by strongly featuring the newsXpress marketing material at the front of their store as customers enter and exit.

In addition to the effort they are putting in to this newsXpress marketing event, The newsXpress Toronto team have also reported they are recording exceptional sales for the BTS SBG Spencil range of book coverings as introduced in this blog post.