Expanding Top Gear opportunities

top_gear_gifts.JPGnewsXpress has launched a package of Top Gear branded products at its members meetings over the last two weeks.  From pens to clocks to USB sticks, the range is certain to appeal to the Top Gear enthusiast.  We like the Top Gear range because it is a strong international brand – the Top Gear calendar was #3 this season in the UK.  Brands are important to the newsXpress strategy and offer our stores an excellent point of difference from other newsagencies.

Access to the Top Gear package is available for newsXpress members.

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2 thoughts on “Expanding Top Gear opportunities”

  1. I am wondering what the corrolation between the sale of the magazine and the likely success of this product line would be?

  2. Since this is a new line we are not certain. that said, our expectation is that the range will appeal to Top gear magazine buyers and browsers.

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