newsXpress Carr’s Armidale prefers a Toyota Yaris

yaris-003.jpgnewsXpress Carr’s Armidale believes in bold corporate branding.  Their red Toyota Yaris can be seen around town doing the good work of a busy newsXpress business.  Branding a company vehicle is a brilliant way of taking the brand beyond the shop.  This makes the direct mail campaigns of newsXpress more meaningful since locals are more likely to have seen the brand.  That the Carr family chose a Toyota Yaris is fortuitous given that we are giving away a Toyota Yaris to one luck newsXpress customer as part of our Back To Work promotion in 2010.

Kudos to newsXpress Carr’s Armidale for their bold branding.  Everyone at newsXpress is thrilled with what they have done with their Yaris.

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