UHU and 3M planograms

nx_planograms.JPGThe photo shows a UHU and 3M (Scotch, Post-It and Command) planograms working side by side in our newest (yet to open) newsXpress location.  Products were selected for each planogram based on demographic knowledge and supplier data.  The layout was developed by supplier and newsXpress product experts working together.  We will measure the performance of the planograms over the next three months and then make adjustments as considered necessary based on sales data.

We don’t see planograms as a destination.  Rather, they are an evolving story, reflecting on changes in the business.  This is where the supplier relationship is important to – enabling us to be flexible as we see the needs of the business change.

Our two newest businesses contain more planograms than any other newsXpress location.  We are using these two stores to hone our planogram best practice for the benefit of newsXpress members, newsXpress suppliers and newsXpress itself.

Product sourcing is not always about dollar margin.  Sometimes, suppliers deliver margin in non traditional forms which can be tremendously valuable to a business.  The newsXpress planograms are a good example of this.

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