Branding is everything

nxp-a2.jpgBranding is important to the newsXpress family.  We seek to provide opportunities to brand beyond the traditional newsagency style branding, to promote our unique selling proposition.

We have completed art for posters for use in-store for locations yet to complete a newsXpress shopfit or to supplement existing in-store signage.  These A2 double sided colour posters are also useful when our members need to promote newsXpress outside their business.

We understand that change is important in retail and have committed to providing our members with fresh supplementary branding materials regularly. 

These new posters will be released early in 2009 and are further evidence of our commitment to help our members position their businesses for range, service and smiles.

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I am a Director of newsXpress, a marketing group for newsagents keen for a bright future. You can reach me on +61 418 321 338 or mark[at]

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