Success with face to face visits

Two of our team last Saturday completed a grueling seven day trip from cairns down, visiting with newsXpress members in scheduled sessions on strategies for building the business and presenting a better retail story.  This face to face contact, even for remote newsagents, is a key point of difference delivered by newsXpress to its members.

Newsagents can almost bank the results of these practical visits through increased sales, better processes and more a more motivated team.  from Visual merchandising advice to better buying to handling staff issues, our members have access to professional advice in-store to help build a healthier business.

In addition to the benefits delivered through training and practical in-store work, there is a tremendous benefit from sharing stories from other newsagencies along the way.  The sharing of these stories is an important function of our on the road team – connecting newsagents who, usually for distance, are not able to get out of their businesses.

We think this contact and the sharing of business success stories is another reason newsXpress newsagents are more up-beat and proactive.

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