The team at newsXpress Toowong keep nailing new money revenue streams resulting in increased profits and satisfied customers who see something new every time they come into the store.

Whether it’s the Canson paper, cardboard and exclusive newsXpress Creative Centre Art ranges, Artee Supplies invitations, hIPP boxes and fashion stationery or massive growth from the Hallmark strategic partnership. Its great to see a store so well run and growing at a massive rate.








newsXpress Castle Towers is never satisfied with their presentation and have completely rebuilt their back wall with great products from Canson Colour, Canson Creative Centre, hiPP, Christina Re, Hallmark, and Ink & Toner.

They have completely changed the front of store as well with small displays on specially built units which allow the passer-by to look further into the shop and maybe be drawn to something not previously seen. This significantly increases the available front of store space so highly sought by suppliers.








newsXpress on Channel Seven

Four newsXpress stores in Central Queensland: Kin Kora, Northside Plaza, Rockhampton & Sun Valley have joined together to produce a
co-operative television advertising strategy.

The following ad will be run for the two weeks leading up to Mother’s Day beginning this Monday, 28th April. While the generic advert featuring the Magazine Range and exclusive Loyalty Club Card; the HOT ink! category; and the Hallmark Greeting Card & Gift products will run at other times.

These adverts were a result of an exceptional collaboration between the stores and newsXpress Marketing department which have produced a professional result which can be utilised in other markets throughout the network.

Anzac Day – Lest we forget

Supporting minor seasons can help you better connect with your local community and newsXpress continues to present these marketing opportunities as an additional point of difference to their members.

Despite the fact this horrific battle took place more than 90 years ago it still lives on strongly in our society today. Over 11,000 brave Australians and New Zealanders, many of them only young teenagers were killed during the fighting but with their loss Australia grew a new pride and gained their identity.

As a nation only 14 years old being confronted with the terrors of war, the spirit our forefathers showed during this struggle is still apparent in all of us today.

newsXpress celebrates and commemorates the deeds of those who sacrificed their lives this Friday and provides several marketing tips and posters to create a greater connection with their community.

Lest we forget…



newsXpress is a supporter of all industry events nationally and was a sponsor of the QNF conference this week. With over 130 suppliers and newsagents attending it was a great day for all.

Pictured are QNF President and newsXpress Caboolture proprietor Jim Cassimatis with Bradley Dean ANF Director for Queensland and proprietor of newsXpress GPO in Brisbane.


Captivated audience members at a presentation during the afternoon.


Mark Fletcher, newsXpress Director and store proprietor presenting a topic on ‘Becoming an Entrepreneurial Newsagent’


Ann Nugent CEO of the QNF (formerly of newsXpress Camp Hill), Jo Hosking from newsXpress Gympie & Sonia Ruhland, newsXpress Group Administration Co-Ordinator


Mark Nagy, newsXpress CEO and store proprietor presenting a workshop presentation entitled ‘Marketing Groups – Adding Value to your Bottom Line’

newsXpress Southport Park ‘Official Opening’

newsXpress Southport Park celebrated their store opening on Saturday 19th April. Ariel, Marisa & their Team Members created an exciting, fun filled day for all.

The promotions included:

  • Newspaper advertising in the local community Newspaper supported by their Centre Management,
  • Centro Southport Special appearances by the Forever Friends Hallmark Bear and Diddl & Friends
  • “Rosebud” the Fairy offering free face painting
  • newsXpress Environmental Bag Give away
  • Promotional giveaways from Suppliers.
  • HOT ink! promotion supported with A4 flyer’s
  • Monthly newsXpress Newsletter & cross marketing promotions with fellow retailers.
  • And free balloons!!!

Landlords & Centre Management encourage these promotional days as it increases traffic flow and brings new customers in to their Shopping Centres.

Are you thinking of having a promotional day?

newsXpress can provide some easy to use templates to their members, which the store simply follows to execute a successful Opening Day!








‘Lucky Dip’ Lotto at newsXpress Whitford City

newsXpress Whitford City team member’s fill out the lotto numbers at random on the lotto coupons, then roll them up and place them in a “Lucky Dip” Basket near the front lottery counter.

The customers can then select them as a ‘Lucky Dip’ lottery entry to try their luck and purchase these tickets and have them validated for the upcoming draw. The ‘Lucky Dip’ tickets are used as a great up sell tool which customers love!


Exploring innovative products in pursuit of ‘New Money’

newsXpress Kin Kora are old hands at out-posting, however have tackled a new product category this time – baskets.

Their basket out-post will last for one week and then disappear, probably for 6 months. The idea being to encourage customers to buy now. By setting end dates for promotions and strictly adhering to them you train your customer base to purchase when you want them to rather than the other way around.

While they would like to run the product for longer they realise it takes an enormous amount of space to merchandise correctly and accommodating it in-store would be an almost impossible task.

Sarah has identified a niche in her non-metropolitan market area where baskets aren’t readily available and it is certainly a great money spinner with an outstanding margin.




newsXpress encourages its members to create events to awaken customers to the wide range of offers newsXpress stores have.

By creating theatre, it attracts people to the store. The team at newsXpress Castle Towers are experts at this and continue to build huge sales as a result.



Harry the Daily Telegraph Dog being led astray by a couple of newsXpress Team Members.

Canson Creative Centre goes National!

The newsXpress exclusive Canson Creative Centre was featured prominently in the current National Newsagent Magazine with this eye-catching creative.

With over 70 newsXpress members now on board and more to come this is an example of a strong win-win relationship between supplier and retailer.

Bringing the specialist and niche art category to a wide market is a long term goal and this in-store solution is a strong positive towards achieving this objective.


newsXpress Member Meeting April

newsXpress held another members meeting at VANA for our Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian members.

With another impressive roll up it was a great session to get members together and talk through some industry issues as well as providing a business development session. We were also shown how the Hallmark newsXpress strategic partnership is providing double digit greeting card growth for the group.




newsXpress Toowong & Southport Park are continually looking for new ways to cultivate the younger generation and not just relying on the baby boomers or old money revenue providers to build their business.

Along with a lot of other newsXpress stores they have embraced Diddl product to attract new customers and expose their businesses to a new and upcoming customer base and at the same time transforming themselves from a local community newsagent to a retail outlet of choice by continually providing new products.

Freshness and variety by looking for new products and services to bring existing customers and capture a new customer base will increase your store average sale and increase gross margin which is paramount to a flourishing and ongoing retail business.




newsXpress Southport Park already attracting the target market within hours of installing the new product range.




newsXpress Toowong use a custom built mobile unit for their Diddl range so that they can move it around keeping the display fresh.


In a relentless pursuit of increased revenue streams, Mark & Shelley at newsXpress Sarina have moved their newspapers from prime space and converted their newspaper stand into a giftware display.

With huge margins available in giftware and relocating papers further into the store so customers have to walk past all the magazines, giftware and confectionery to purchase a newspaper. As magazines sell down during the day on the new stand they fill the space with giftware which is a great return on space initiative.

Having started it only a week or so ago the strategy is already paying dividends.

BEFORE: Newspapers



AFTER: Gifts




A sea of pink for Mother’s Day

Luke Scott and his team at newsXpress Scott’s Lismore have created a wonderful display of Hallmark and Hipp products as part of their Mother’s Day gift range.

They have used their front of store dancefloor to really capture customer’s imagination with a sea of pink. Even though Mother’s day is still a month away sales are considerably up from the same time last year.



400,000 reasons to visit newsXpress Upper Coomera

newsXpress Upper Coomera celebrated recently with a local customer sharing in the jackpot Saturday Gold Lotto major prize. The winning ticket was purchased by the Gold Coast Great-Grandmother who was oblivious to her $400,000 windfall until checking the ticket some days later.

Owners Ross & Debb Mackie from newsXpress Upper Coomera were elated to hear of their regular customer’s good fortune. “We wish our lucky customer our congratulations and all the very best!”


Debb & Ross Mackie from newsXpress Upper Coomera sharing in the glory of a $400,000 lotto victory!

Introducing bookXpress

Chris Samartzis upon purchasing the newsXpress Reservoir store took the hard line on the Toyworld department and replaced it with hand chosen gift & plush lines and books.

Results so far have shown this to a master stroke as the discounted books are flying out the door and creating a buzz in the local market. Good business is knowing when to make the right moves.



Canson continue their National push through newsXpress

Two more stores were recently fitted out with the newsXpress exclusive Canson Creative Centre Art Bar, joining the 70+ locations across the country already stocking this exciting range

newsXpress Scott’s Lismore has reported an increase in foot traffic due to the engaging layout of colour at the back of their store. The creative centre has been perfectly complemented by the addition of the Canson Colour range of paper and cardboard seen in the photo below.

newsXpress Watergardens have also enjoyed the Canson treatment of late, and the photos show that the custom built stand fits in seamlessly to the design of the shop. Watergardens has also chosen to support this product category with the Canson paper range which creates a stunning visual impact.