Supporting Rugby World Cup

newsXpress is the only newsagency marketing group actively promoting the Rugby World Cup. Through free posters to all member stores and a heap of marketing ideas, newsXpress newsagents are driving traffic and having a ton of fun as this photo from newsXpress Kingaroy shows:

Kingaroy Mall - RWC07.jpg

Any newsagency marketing group can put its name on a stationery flyer or get a card company to pay for a card deal, it takes real marketing effort to create a campaign from scratch such as newsXpress has done with the Rugby World Cup.

newsXpress team members, like the folks at Kingaroy, are the ones really making this and other marketing campaigns a success. By painting their face they support the Wallabies and newsXpress and provide some entertainment for their customers. This is great retailing!

This is another reason newsagents are switching to newsXpress – they want to enjoy the difference.

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