Care and Friendship Month

Here is part o the campaign support for Care and Friendship Month – a greeting card and gift promotion developed and run exclusively for newsXpress newsagencies. All to often in our busy lives we do not take time to say thank you to those who help us: teachers, doctors, priests, friends. We created Care and Friendship Month o focus on saying Thank You. It is designed to help people find the right cards and the right words to show appreciation.


Having started some years ago, this campaign has built a strong following among newsXpress members. They like that they are able to focus attention on cards at a time of the year when card sales are flat. Bu this is not purely a commercial pitch. care and Friendship is also a reminded to our members to appreciate co-workers, family and friends. It reminds us to take a moment out of our busy schedules to show that we care too. For that reminder alone, this newsXpress exclusive program is worthwhile.

Care and Friendship month starts July 1, 2007.

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