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Around major promotional times small business and newsagents are often looking at different ways to gain a larger share of the market. Most newsagents will allocate funds to marketing in their regular business operation and it is at these times that they need to wisely invest this money.

One effective method to increase their exposure and therefore potential foot traffic and ultimately sales is by running a radio campaign. The level of participation in radio will depend greatly upon your location. Advertising rates in metropolitan areas differ substantially from their regional equivalents.

newsXpress offers their expertise in negotiation, demographics, frequency as well as script and copy writing to members to gain this critical advantage.
Several members have already in conjunction with newsXpress and various radio stations produced effective ads for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the Ink promotions – Need Ink? and HOTink!

For more information on how you can get started with your owm radio strategy contact the newsXpress Communications Centre.

Listen to the ad

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