Hot ink deals make for hot business


newsXpress stores across Australia are winning new customers with our Hot Ink promotional campaign. Based around smart brochures (pictured) newsXpress newsagencies are luring new customers to their stores in search great prices and exceptional service in the ink and toner space.

Some newsXpress newsagencies are supporting the brochure campaign with radio and newspaper advertising. They see this as a good opportunity to separate their newsXpress business from other newsagencies.

While other newsagent groups are offering flyers to drive ink and toner sales, the newsXpress offering goes beyond marketing and encompasses ranging, pricing, employee training and supplier arrangements. The group’s holistic approach is aimed at winning stationery business back for its members.

So, for the best deals backed by fantastic customer service in ink and toner for your printer, contact your local newsXpress newsagency today. Experience the difference.

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