Congratulations newsXpress winners

Congratulations to winners at the newsXpress annual awards announced yesterday in Sydney:

  • newsXpress Gift Retailer Of The Year WEST LAKES
  • newsXpress Plush Retailer Of The Year WYNNUM
  • newsXpress Card Retailer Of The Year GOULBURN
  • newsXpress Magazine Retailer Of The Year HIGHLANDS MARKET PLACE
  • newsXpress Charlie Bears Retailer Of The Year MELTON
  • newsXpress Proactive Social Media Engagement ERIC TJIE
  • newsXpress Best Compliance Store INVERLOCH
  • newsXpress Overall Transformation Store GOULBURN
  • newsXpress Preferred Supplier Supporter BAIRNSDALE
  • newsXpress Best New Member JEWELLS
  • newsXpress Best New Member BELL PARK
  • newsXpress Retailer Of The Year Runner Up SILVER SANDS
  • newsXpress Retailer Of The Year COOMERA

newsXpress helps dog lovers

IMG_0950 (1)Dog lovers and dog owners are able to satisfy their interests at their local newsXpress store thanks to multiple suppliers offering newsXpress stores excellent dog collection products from figurines to -push to high end collectibles made specifically for dog lovers.

These and other items are a thrill for dog lovers to collect and build their collection. newsxpress is grateful for supplier relationships that enable us to work in this area of personal passion.

We’ll have more announcements in this space soon.

A warning/clarification about nextra newsagency marketing group marketing

The nextra newsagency marketing group has published marketing material quoting three former newsXpress members. Given that the quotes have 2015 noted on them it is possible one could construe some businesses switched recently. Castle Towers left newsXpress in May 2013, Lowood in October 2013 and Top Ryde in August 2013.

We wish these businesses well with their Nextra journey.

Pacific Magazines offers newsXpress members POS pack alternatives

Magazine publisher Pacific Magazines has given newsXpress members the opportunity to select the POS packs for promotions that best work for their local situation. This is a terrific opportunity for newsXpress members as they can choose what is right for their situation rather than being forced into a one size fits all approach other magazine publishers choose.

newsXpress is grateful to Pacific Magazines for this opportunity

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.06.37 am

newsXpress members set for more deals

IMG_0017 (1)newsXpress members are excited for the latest deals envelope sent by the newsagency marketing group to members on Friday last week. Packed with special offers, promotions and product insights, the latest deals envelope continues to build on the excellent product selection and management successes newsXpress offers its members.

This is another newsXpress difference.

newsXpress driving The BOY from OZ DVD sales

IMG_9739newsXpress outlets across Australia are reporting excellent sales of The BOY from OZ special edition DVD set on sale to commemorate the 7 Network mini series on Australian entertainer Peter Allen.

This newsXpress promotion has been driving traffic and sales thanks to smart and engaged social media marketing by the group and by newsXpress members.

The BOY from OZ special edition DVD is another opportunistic engagement by newsXpress for its members as it helps newsagents grow stronger, more valuable and more enjoyable businesses.