newsXpress launches another EXCLUSIVE supplier

Mid last week newsXpress launched to its members another EXCLUSIVE supplier offering newsXpress members a range of highly sought after products offering excellent gross profit and certain to drive valuable shopper traffic.

This latest EXCLUSIVE new supplier brought on by newsXpress extends the reach of the business in offering exclusive access to products and services to newsXpress members. Many use these to increase shopper traffic and through this their revenue.

Exclusivity is a valuable asset in retail today. It’s a newsXpress difference.

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newsXpress Woden sells $30M winning OzLotto ticket

Well done to the team at newsXpress Woden in the ACT for selling the winning ticket in tuesday’s $30 Million OzLotto jackpot.

This is another newsXpress lottery win success!

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newsXpress helps newsagents promote Christmas deals

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.18.01 amThanks to smart fillable PDFs, newsXpress members are able promote Christmas products as part of a co-ordinated and professional Christmas campaign that connects social media marketing through to in-store activity … all with a consistent collateral message that drives shopper awareness. The image shows one item of a considerable digital collateral pack.

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newsXpress helps newsagents endorse brands

pvbrandnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members have been provided with more collateral for branding an important niche part of their business. Thanks to our work with the supplier, we have access to professional collateral for branding the POP! VINYL range which is proving popular in our retail outlets.

newsXpress has carved out a strong result for newsXpress members and the shoppers they serve.

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newsXpress supports more local suppliers

fudgenewsXpress has brought on more local suppliers in 2014 and through this offers products and services through which newsXpress members can make a strong locally sourced pitch.

Embedded in the locally sourced product is the BUY AUSTRALIAN message.

newsXpress is supporting these suppliers with newsXpress developed and owned in-store marketing collateral.

This is another newsXpress difference – helping members be more relevant.

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Newsagent retail tenancy survey helps newsXpress members

tsurvThe 2014 newsXpress retail tenancy survey better informs newsXpress and those working with the group in consideration of tenancy options.

The survey is an extension of the newsXpress retail tenancy advocacy, advice and assistance offered newsXpress members by the group. Using data, newsXpress is able to serve members with more considered and data-backed assistance.

This is another free service offered to newsXpress members to help them drive better business outcomes.

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EXCLUSIVE Animated musical Christmas tree for newsXpress

xhmknewsXpress members with this EXCLUSIVE Christmas tree from our friends at Hallmark are loving the traffic it is generating and the thrill expressed by kids especially as the music plays and the snowmen lights light up. It’s a lot of fun.

As part of a broader engaged Christmas strategy in newsXpress stores, this is a terrific winner from Hallmark in the US through hallmark Australia. That it is exclusive to newsXpress is a valuable bonus.

Christmas is a terrific time of the year.

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EXCLUSIVE products Supporting the Beanie Boos collector

bbcollectAs the only newsagency marketing group with a group deal for a valuable access to beanie Boos including exclusive lines, newsXpress members are making the most of the opportunity by showing off new lines ahead of others and beanie Boos that no other retailer can access.

Having products no other retailer can access is one reason newsXpress members are driving exceptional sales of Beanie Boos – pushing major retailers for growth!

EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS is the magic phrase here – newsXpress negotiators are helping set members apart.

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newsXpress Christmas collateral shining

xxmascolnewsXpress members are loving the fun and hip Christmas collateral developed exclusive by our marketing team for members and that it visually connects with the Christmas collateral from Hallmark.

Offered in a variety of sizes and formats, the newsXpress Christmas collateral helps members signpost Christmas and through this attract shoppers.

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New training videos for newsXpress newsagency marketing group

xtvidnewsXpress has released more retail staff training videos for employees of newsXpress retail businesses. Produced in house to professional standards, the latest training video offers product education to retail staff that will help them drive sales for newsXpress members.

This and other free staff training is published by newsXpress in a form that makes the training accessible to staff in-store, at home and on mobile.

The latest videos are part of a co-ordinated training program for newsXpress for its members.

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Exclusive to newsXpress Christmas flyer driving traffic

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.50.57 amThis exclusive to newsXpress Christmas flyer is driving shoppers into newsXpress stores seeking out the fun products for Kris Kringle gifts, office parties and as stocking stuffers.

These excellent lines are working well for newsXpress members thanks to exclusive and professional marketing materials that leverage quality products with newsXpress branded collateral.

newsXpress is supporting multiple marketing initiatives this Christmas.

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EXCLUSIVE Giant Mickey attracting newsagency shoppers for newsXpress members

xgmickExclusive products drive traffic and newsXpress members are discovering this thanks to sales success of the Giant Mickey Mouse from the Hallmark Itty Bitty range. Leveraged exclusively for newsXpress members we are seeing terrific results as people seek out thiscutie as a perfect Christmas gift. Even when placed deep in store it works a treat at attracting shoppers.

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Beautiful jewellery helping newsXpress members drive a point of difference

nxjewelnewsXpress members are embracing more of the jewellery options we have delivered to members this year. They are loving the additional sales, the new traffic and the extraordinary 300% mark-up quality jewellery attracts.

Key to the success of newsXpress members – beyond amazing supplier deals for quality product – is the strategy behind the jewellery opportunity delivered by newsXpress. having worked deeply with several suppliers, newsXpress is helping members evolve into a new category with excellent success. Strategy is the key here.

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This $799.00 TV is driving traffic in newsXpress stores

nxxmasThis retro TV with a Christmas music box playing is driving excellent traffic. newsXpress was onto the opportunity early for members and this made it available for members early in 2014 as they planned their in-store Christmas stories.

While expensive, the TV is delivering excellent results for the stores using it as a Christmas centrepiece.

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newsXpress magazine relays help members drive sales

nxmagrelaynewsXpress members benefit from our magazine layout and magazine relay advice.  Our team of retail Development Managers often help newsXpress members with hands-on magazine relays.

newsXpress have been engaging in magazines relays in a structured and professional way for many years. It’s one reason newsXpress members do well with magazines.

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newsXpress exclusive product selling out!

nxexclMeet Fluffy, the latest Ty beanie Boo that is exclusive to newsXpress stores across Australia.

Highly sought after by Bean Boo collectors, Fluffy is generating new traffic for newsXpress members as they embrace more exclusive product opportunities delivered by our newsagency marketing group to members.

Fluffy has only been out for just over a week and already newsXpress members are chasing more product having sold out!

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newsXpress members network and talk business in Brisbane

nxbneIt was terrific to see so many Brisbane area newsXpress newsagency marketing group members meet at a supplier location in Brisbane last week. We talked business ideas, new product opportunities, marketing ideas and plenty else.

newsXpress members sharing ideas like this is inspiring!

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newsXpress members meet in Rockhampton

nxrokCheck out the photo of newsXpress members meeting Rockhampton earlier this week. We have a terrific few hours together talking about business and opportunities.

These newsXpress members are a proactive group of newsagents … inspiring!

Cluster meetings are a newsXpress difference.

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Disney Frozen products a hit in newsXpress stores

frozenThe Disney Frozen products newsXpress members have access to from seven suppliers is proving to be a hit this Christmas. Sales are excellent and shopper traffic up thanks to the wide range of Frozen products our members are accessing from toys to cards to music to costumes.

The photo shows the excellent hallmark floor display unit that newsXpress members are using to drive traffic. It is working very well as achieving this. Complimenting this with other Frozen product helps drive incremental value from the attracted Frozen shopper.

Brands work!!

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Christmas theatre an exclusive for newsXpress members

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.06.34 amnewsXpress members with the exclusive Christmas in-store theatre display from Hallmark are loving the shopper interaction with the sound and light show. Many members are using it as an attraction for shoppers at night time.

The Christmas songs and wide variety of light shows and making this display a must see in participating newsXpress locations.

This is another exclusive to newsXpress success story.

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