We are newsXpress #notanewsagent

Your local newsXpress is not a newsagent. In fact, your local newsXpress is nothing like a newsagency you may remember and here is how:

  1. We love trusted brands.
  2. We love collectors who love collecting.
  3. We love beautiful things and try and fill our shops with these.
  4. We love hunting down that special gift you are looking for.
  5. We love colour.
  6. We love quality.
  7. We love the keepsake of a beautiful card for that special occasion.
  8. We love the laughter of children as they play with the toys and gifts we sell.
  9. We love supporting community groups that support local retail shops.
  10. We love the internet and the new people it connects us with.
  11. We love seeing people celebrate life’s milestones through carefully selected cards.
  12. We love the opportunity of a future of change.

Like we said #notanewsagent

This is newsXpress, your local newsagency marketing group

newsXpress is a newsagency marketing group. We provide support for 230 locally owned small business newsagency businesses, helping them compete with big business.

We do this through smart technology, websites, in store advice, marketing and access to wonderful products.

Our local newsXpress is a local business, a family owned business, a business helping to bring innovative wonderful products to regional Australia to help Australians not have to buy from big business retailers.