Promoting the free Christmas tin with Better Homes and Gardens

bhgtinnewsXpress stores across Australia are actively promoting the FREE Christmas Tin on offer with the Christmas themed issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

With prime location displays, promotion at the counter and promotion with newspapers, newsXpress members are embracing the opportunity to be part of such a high-profile and customer friendly giveaway.

The photo shows one of the display at newsXpress Highlands Marketplace near Bowral in NSW. Well done team on such a terrific display!

Better Homes and Gardens is from our friends at Pacific Magazines.

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newsXpress Christmas collateral a hit

newsXpress members are loving the Christmas collateral for use in promoting the season in-store. members of the newsagency marketing group are already using the collateral to promote with Christmas displays up in store:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.39.09 am

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newsXpress owns Halloween in newsagencies

With supportive suppliers, terrific collateral and engaged members, newsXpress stores at the best places to shop for Halloween this year.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.45.27 am

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A very tasty Better Homes and Gardens out now at newsXpress

B0GCJY4CMAAZQXEGet an early start on Christmas 2014 with the Christmas-themed Better Homes and Gardens magazine out now and at newsXpress stores right across Australia.

Better Homes and Gardens  is a favourite magazine with Australians – for its Aussie recipes, DIY tips and perfect garden suggestions.

People purchasing the Christmas-themed Better Homes and Gardens also get a free cookbook and a Christmas tin. Free gifts!

newsXpress is a newsagency marketing group in Australia for proactive newsagents who want to grow their businesses.

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HOT ink! Flyer driving ink traffic in newsagency businesses

inksaleflyerHere is one side of the HOT ink! Flyer being distributed to hundreds of thousands of homes around participating newsXpress outlets.

Focussing only on brand name ink, this catalogue offer is a genuine sale which demonstrates to shoppers that newsXpress members can work together to deliver pricing that beats the majors. It pushes back on the idea that newsagencies are expensive – well not all thanks to newsXpress HOT ink!

HOT ink! is a an EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS campaign.

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New newsXpress HOT ink! Campaign driving newsagency business traffic

inkposterShoppers around participating newsXpress stores are being treated to excellent hot ink prices thanks to good buying, cunning pricing and excellent marketing by the team at newsXpress on behalf of members.

Being promoted with a striking black and white campaign of posters, shelf talkers, floor decals and catalogues, the latest HOT ink! Is generating net new traffic as reported by newsXpress members.

newsXpress continues to innovate on behalf of its members – driving traffic, sales and margin.

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Newsagency marketing group leverages Disney Frozen opportunities

frozenThanks to engaged and on point preferred suppliers, members of the newsXpress newsagency marketing group have access to an excellent range of Frozen merchandise including product from strategic partner Hallmark Australia.

newsXpress members are being quick to embrace the Frozen opportunity as they see it for the successful international brand that it already is.

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newsXpress investing in greeting card innovation to drive newsagency card sales

cardinnewsXpress is thrilled with the in-store sales results of the latest greeting card innovation. Engaged newsXpress members are reporting better shopper engagement and increased sales beyond average growth thanks to the newsXpress initiatives.

newsXpress is proving that you can grow card sales by being a professional and engaged retailer.

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Newsagency marketing group first with Blinky Bill

bbillMembers of the newsXpress newsagency marketing group were last week given an opportunity to tap into Blinky Bill product ahead of the launch of a movie shortly. With excellent product and display opportunities, newsXpress members are able to build a strong story around this brand.

This is another first for newsagents through newsXpress.

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Newsagency marketing group promotes Hallmark Itty Bitty Halloween exclusivity

halexclnewsXpress has provided members of its newsagency marketing group with collateral with which they can promote the exclusive hallmark Itty Bitty products in-store.


No other newsagent has access to these thanks to the relationship between Hallmark and newsXpress.

This is another example of a valuable newsXpress point of difference.

The cute Mickey and Minnie Itty Bittys are proving to be popular with shoppers from people purchasing on impulse through to those collecting Itty Bittys.

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Unique teacher gift from newsXpress

apple nlnewsXpress members have been given access to a unique gift for teachers – something which is unlike anything you are likely to find in a newsagents for a teacher gift. This stainless steel pendant in the design of an Apple is sure to be a welcomed by teachers.  It comes with complete packaging and on a 45cm steel ball chain, PLUS it is able to be engraved with the year, or kids names!

What a wonderful gift and what wonderful innovation from newsXpress in sourcing such a perfect item with excellent margin.

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newsXpress enjoying exclusivity with Charlie Bears range

cbnxpnewsXpress members are loving the exclusivity of the Charlie Bears collectible bears range.

As the only newsagency marketing group with access to these highly sought after bears, newsXpress members have been reaping excellent rewards of new traffic and more sales.

Thanks to commitments across the newsXpress retail network the Charlie bears range is now further established throughout Australia – helping collectors to collect the adorable bears and new people to discover the joy of collecting.

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Halloween at Westfield Southland in Victoria

halsthnewsXpress Southland has a terrific presentation of Halloween in the window and in-store as the business engages with shoppers at Westfield Soputhland in this fun and scary season.

From the scary to the fun the range of broadest is broad. Kids through to adults are catered for in the range of halloween goodies that can be had – and all products are sourced through newsXpress preferred suppliers who are supporting the group’s 2014 Halloween promotion.

newsXpress owns Halloween!

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newsXpress Halloween promotion in full swing

hallo-elinewsXpress members are embracing the Halloween opportunity.

The photo shows the window display for halloween at newsXpress Eli Waters – a terrific attention-grabbing display to lure shoppers in-store for Halloween fun.

Using the front window of the shop for such a theatrical showcase gives the business a very different look and feel. Well done to the team at Eli Waters.

newsXpress has support from many suppliers for Halloween 2014.

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Newsagency marketing group ink sale now on

inksaleNewsagency marketing groups newsXpress is running an INK SALE right now in-store with excellent prices on brand name ink. This latest INK SALE is the first in a new generation approach to promoting ink in newsagencies and more thoroughly competing with majors in this space.

The newsXpress approach is different and its driving traffic!

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Newsagency marketing group leverages quality in baby gifts

nxbabynewsXpress is helping members offer quality baby gifts as part of an expansion thanks to engagement with new suppliers.

In addition to new products we share information that helps our members sell more of these products.

Take the baby carriage holding baby keepsakes. Our insights provide our members with an exclusive advantage they can leverage.

Our newsagency marketing group is engaged beyond deals – we leverage knowledge for profit for our members.

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Newsagency marketing group success spreads

nxmeltingsnowIn 2011 newsXpress drove sell-out success with the Melting Snowman for Christmas. This year, it’s back and again we expect our newsagency marketing group members to drive excellent outcomes for the product – showing off the newsXpress difference in sales and product engagement. Our success with this product is an excellent example of our difference – not only do we buy well but we share insights and experiences that help members bank more margin dollars sooner.

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Newsagency marketing group helps with letters to Santa

nxchristantaNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members connect with shoppers and Christmas mail to the North Pole with these cute post boxes.

While initially offered as a homewares line in our stores, this post box is being more often used as a letter box for santa in a nice piece of retail theatre for newsXpress members and their customers.

newsXpress is regularly sourcing exciting and innovating product in a range of categories. This is another thing newsXpress members love about the group.

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Newsagency marketing group members love more jewellery options

nxjewellNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is receiving kudos from members for the broader range of jewellery product options being pitched.

Covering a broad rand of gift giving opportunities, these jewellery items are bringing a product point of different to members – helping expand the appeal and engagement of their business with locals.

Driving traffic and delivering excellent margin, the latest jewellery offerings are helping newsXpress members create a more valuable future.

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Newsagency marketing group promotes teacher gifts

nxteacherNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is promoting a terrific range of teacher gifts including these boxed gifts that acknowledge teachers for the work they do in educating our kids.

These are great gifts from parents, kids and even others in the community for teachers – thanking them for their service.

newsXpress helps members find product opportunities like these for seasons and all year round thanks to a dedicated merchandise team in place to serve the needs of our members – from head office as well as through in-store engagement.

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